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Hi, I’m Elisa and I’m delighted that you’re here.

I’m not your average lotus-flower-and-yoga-pants coach. I’m more likely to go home super excited about finding an obscure thorny plant that was used to brew mead in the Middle Ages (yeah, that’s for the lotus flower) and my yoga is Historical European Martial Arts (in a nutshell, historical fencing. I wield the dagger).

I believe that “spirituality” is not a faraway thing that you live only in ideal conditions, like during courses, retreats or on holiday. “Spiritual” is down to Earth and is meant to be practiced in muddy boots, through life crisis, illness, setbacks… And of course also in your living room, to a cup of tea and slice of cake.

I can proudly say coaching has saved my life.

I was born a hypersensitive little girl. Which was a bit of bad luck, because my schooling included five years of bullying. Which, in turn, probably made me even more sensitive. It also taught me a lesson about what and who to tolerate in my life… But… It also created a rooted habit of lack of self-worth and a tendency to get emotionally overwhelmed in difficult moments.

My “emotional seismograph” making crazy swerves, in 2012, I hit rock bottom and got into severe depression. My job was wrong, how I saw the world was detrimental, and my body was so distressed from fear and alarm that it took me one year and a half to recover.

And that’s about when coaching saved my life!

Back then, I was working with a capable psychiatrist (but the medication wasn’t making the slightest difference. We stopped it for my greatest good) and an also capable psychologist. But they proposed no solutions for transformation. They told me things I already knew like “You are a bit of a perfectionist, aren’t you?”.
No kidding? Are you going to tell me things I don’t already know, some time?

And one day, my psychologist advised me to read Madly in love with me, by Christine Arylo.
BOOM, everything changed. I had met coaching. I started reading book after book about self-transformation and holistic arts and the law of attraction, and step by step, I got better. I also did a lot of reiki, which helped a lot.

I left my unexciting job (and also a job that included a colleague that was rude and pressuring to me), decided to become a reiki master and a coach, and started working as one in 2014. Firstly as a certified reiki master and a self-taught coach and in 2019, I got certified in holistic coaching with the American association I had dreamt to work with.

So, what’s interesting about my journey?

I have been there. I have been in the dumps. I have cried rivers and rivers. I have felt stuck exactly where you may feel stuck yourself at the moment. I’ve experienced the blocks, the resistance, the anger, the resentment, the despair (and I’ve taken notes. That’s what coaches do, even when they are sobbing curled under a blanket. Coaches ALWAYS take notes)… And now I know how to get through all this.

Coaching is about TRANS-FOR-MA-TION. That includes quite a bit of “understanding”, but far less than you might think (aka : you are not going to lay on a sofa for fifteen years wondering “why?”. This is not psychoanalysis like you see in the movies). Transforming is a practice, albeit mostly an inner one, because when “inside” is aligned, “outside” change soon follows and is SO MUCH EASIER. But action taking is also important (and fun).

Now, you want to get your boots muddy while having tea and cake with me?

You are ready to deeply commit and invest in yourself (yes, money-wise, badassery-wise and time-wise), walk away from the comfort zone and kick some blocky-ass?
I can guarantee you the journey will be exciting, comforting and fun. That’s what all my clients say.