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Business coaching

Business coaching

Coaching is not about giving you ready-made answers, but about enabling you to find the ones that are already in you, most of time hidden under layers of conventional thinking, fears and limitations.

My business coaching is not a quick-fix for problems, just changing the surface while underneath, blocks and pain remain. We go DEEP. We transform you from the inside-out so that the root of your fears and limitation is really healed and you no longer have to “effort”, “sweat it off” and “push through”. We aim at saving your energy. When the change is authentic, you just have to be you.

You can become bigger, more confident. You can dare to do things you would never have imagined (I’m currently daring to train for a marathon!). When you are ready to make the leap of faith and fly, nothing can stop you.

Becoming a heart-centered, joy-driven, soul-aligned professional is one of the biggest gift you can give yourself. Instead of buying into the ready-made ideas of the world about what you “should” do, you can go for the career that really feeds your fire.

Why? Because if you choose to embrace a career that meets your needs and puts your intrinsic qualities under the spotlights, you are sure to succeed at it without “efforting”, pushing or stressing. What you do (your job) must be an extension of who you are: the law of offer and demand does not get to define the job you are going to take or how you are going to work.

I believe in business coaching because I am being coached !

I, like many others, chose my studies and my first job by default, which my whole being rejected entirely, leading to a severe depression. When I healed, a big big question remained : what will I do with my life?

It took me some time (about one year and a half) to figure out this. The answer was hidden “right under my nose” as we say in French. But I only discovered it when I became ready to so something really matching my desires. Before that, I was resigned to just make a “sensible” choice which didn’t feel appealing at all and which made me rather depressed. But I thought that was the way of the world, settle for “sensible” and keep what makes you happy for spare time and hobbies.

And all of a sudden appeared the Mum of a friend who was a coach, just graduating from Écoute ton Corps school of coaching, and I knew that’s what I wanted to become.

I began as a self-taught coach and certified reiki teacher. But I was going slow. In 2018, I hired my coach, Geri Henderson to help me become the best version of myself. I can proudly say it was my success factor number one. It made all the difference in the world. Instead of randomly trying this and that, I stayed focused and consistent, and we dealt with the core blocks that hindered me. Her kind and passionate support brought me the compassion, the joy, the magical ideas I needed.

In 2019 I certified as a holistic coach and in 2020 I really took flight as I was always meant. Coaching is a lever that multiplies your strength tenfold.

Business coaching can help you in many areas, not limited to those I’m going to list, but they are excellent examples:

  • Helping you to find out who you are so you can embrace the career that will fit you like a glove and nurture your daily happiness
  • Training you to create a mindset that elicits growth, flow and miracles in your job
  • Supporting you and guiding you through a job transition
  • Creating a business that fits your needs, skills, values and interests
  • Healing the fears and blocks that prevent you from being the incredible tradesperson you can be
  • Making peace with your self-worth and your relationship with money so you can validate yourself and boldly ask for a fee that mirrors the quality of your service
  • Unblocking and unlocking personal skills that you need in your field so you can express yourself at the fullest and make a difference
  • Making bold decisions concerning your career based on your truth, not limitations from culture or your fears
  • Creating a nurturing routine that promotes the right actions for your business
  • Setting boundaries at work and becoming a tradesperson that assumes power, whatever regardless of other’s behaviour.

The possibilities are endless!

Your work doesn’t have to be an area of struggle in your life. Flow, ease and grace are for everywhere, not just for the tai-chi practice or the moments you tend to your garden.

All the principles I mention in my personal coaching section apply to business coaching, with the added tweaks and particularities related to… Business.

I am not a technical advisor. If your need to learn some specific skills, such as marketing, law or accountancy, this is not part of my coaching. But I definitely am here to ask you the right questions so YOU can find out if you need to acquire certain skills, and how you could. I’m here to help you transform into a resourceful tradesperson who either does things by themselves or find people and solutions to get it done for you.

It’s all about opening paths and having great fun during the journey. Many obstacles are not meant to be broken through, you can go around or transform your outlook about them so they no longer are defined as obstacles. When you have a different outlook, you have a different neural system, and also different (and better!) possibilities.


Through my coaching you can expect to gain:

  • Clarity
  • Empowerment
  • Freedom
  • A sense of purpose and a great will to make a positive impact on the world
  • Grounding and surrender
  • And of course, my trademark: FUN. Life is a poem, an adventure, an epic saga !

3 months 100% bespoke business coaching program: what’s included

  • One initial « deep-diving » long session (up to 3h) to assess where you are at, what are your goals and which areas it is crucial we worked on
  • Five 2h sessions (1 in the first month, after we have done the « deep-diving session », then 2 per month). Just so you know, if we are finished with our session after 1:30h, you’re free to go, we’re not staying for the sake of it ;)
  • I you live in Paris or can come to Paris during the program, we do a full afternoon workshop in person with bespoke techniques to help you with what you need the most : reprogramming your mind, learning to use your feelings for decision-making, clearing away false identities, etc.
  • Unlimited support via email, FB text chat, etc.
  • If you need an extra session/mini session/on-the-spot session because something burning-important is happening, no worries, I’ll make room for that. We’ll go with the flow and add some mojo.

Investment: 1450€ (if you pay in monthly installments), 1300€ (if you choose to pay in full)

You feel like it’s time you made a big change in yourself about your career ? Book your free discovery session with me. 1:30 session via voicechat or videochat.