If you are in the process of self-healing, you know it can be a hard and lonely job. But you don’t have to be alone! A support system makes all the difference between an interesting, pleasant journey and a chore. Yes, we all have friends, but they don’t have processionnal skills to help you, and support is not something you just need a few weeks in a row, you need it all year long!

When I lived in the country, Nature was my most powerful support because it helped me to naturally surrender. I attuned to her rythm without noticing, I released heavy energies as I went walking or just sitting on a rock, listening to the forest’s sounds. Nature was my biggest medicine. It was not enough, though, and that is why I work with a coach. But it was something I loved.

When I went to live in the big city (aka Paris) I knew I needed something to help me keep this natural rythm and I joined a group of friends that meets 8 times a year, mostly in nature, to talk, do seasonal and energy-related rituals and just have a good time. And I have my coach to help with the technical aspects of my self-healing.

To bring you these two elements, the skilful coaching and the Earth-based healing, I have created a group program aimed at supporting you in your well-being, personal development, healing and transformation.

Since I am both a coach and a witch (well, you get my drift…), I pour all my skills and talents in this wonderful “gift-bag” program infused with creativity, art and healing techniques that I have been using for years.

How does it work?

  • It’s a 365 days group program. You can join anytime you want in the year and the program will last 365 days.
  • When enrolling, you tell me what are the topics you want to see adressed during the year, what you struggle with, what changes you want to bring about in your life. I will create my contents based on everyone’s requests.
  • Each month, we meet online for a 2-hours workshop, ritual or meditation based on the wisdom and energies that Nature has for us at this time of the year and adressing a personal development topic.
  • All year long, I give you exercices, inspirations and “little pieces of Life” via our FB group. Recipes, little rituals to do at home, articles… A myriad of contents to help you feel good, feel supported and grow stronger in the areas of your life that need attention. Each of us is made stronger by community.
  • Because I am a reiki master, I have decided to greet each one of you with one full month of reiki sent at distance via my crystal-grid, so you receive its beautiful energy to cleanse you, recharge you and make all healings easier.
  • The price for the program is 650€

You want to know me better first? Book a free call with me, we’ll be able to talk. You can also visit my private FB group, request entry here!

What is included?

    • 12 group online group workshops (2 hours), one each month, so 24 hours of workshops in all.
    • 1 month reiki healing at distance. Reiki is being sent to you 24/7 via my crystal-grid
    • FB community full of magic facilitated by me
    • Bespoke exclusive witchy contents to use at your own pace: articles, rituals, energetic photographs, exercices, journalling…

Your investment for the one-year group program: 650€


After I receive your payment, I will contact you by email to welcome you and send you the program’s questionnaire to know more about you, your needs and challenges.

Please note that when you purchase this program, you agree to my terms and conditions. I invite you to read them.