Take your space!

Hi! My name is Elisa Bes and I’m delighted you’re here!

I have created this free course to help you with a big problem that keeps many folks from living the brave, bright, badass life that they could have:

Making themselves small!

All because of fear.

I too, am a recovering fear-addict. I have had backaches for year from sheer tension. I did wire my poor neural system to be in a constant state of fight/flight/freeze/freak-out.

I dearly wanted to embody strength, but I completely confused it with pressure and being hard on myself.

Knowing that, I took the brave and bold decision to peel away the layers of beliefs and behaviours that didn’t ring true to my ear and heart.

And now I’m here to share what I learnt with you!

This course is here to give you my tools to let go of all that fear and finally breathe, expand, TAKE YOUR SPACE.

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