Starting the 19th of October

We all face challenges and I have faced my share of them. Every time, I though “why does it have to be so nerve-breaking? Why is it so hard? Isn’t there another way to live through this?”

My biggest challenge was the depression that struck me in February 2012. It was an ordeal because I had no control. My biology decided how I felt, what amount of energy I had, what I was able to do or not. For the first time of my life, my control strategies amounted to nothing. And that saved my life because I was simply forced to surrender. I was forced to feel my feelings. I was forced to allow. There was no way for me to cheat this process.

And for the first time of my life, I realized that the way through challenges was absolutely not doership, but surrender.

When you are in doership, you think, feel and act as if everything depended on you. Every possible little mistake feels like everything will fall apart (and it’s your fault). Everything is scary. You overreact, but you don’t know it, all your thoughts seem adequately intense to you, since your sense of danger is, well… quite huge, isn’t it ? The key word of this attitude is CONTROL.

You want to control the “how” (how will it be solved?), the “when” and you want things to go exactly your way, as if there was a way for you to coerce Life. And if it doesn’t go your way, you feel like you are a failure, probably an incompetent, a lazy or a stupid person.

And THIS is why the challenge is a challenge: because there is SO MUCH PRESSURE on you.

In fact, there is no room for “you”, your fears and patterns lead the dance entirely.

2012 was not the last challenging year of my life, dear me, it wasn’t. I have been learning for 9 years now how to best navigate challenges, and many showed up at my door. At first, I approached them like enemies to be “dealt with”.

Now, I know that the “enemy” is merely in my perspective (fears, patterns) and that, however unpleasant and upsetting my circumstances may be, there is a way to get through it all in a clear, graceful and open fashion.

Immense strengh is the gift of complete vulnerability. That’s the gift I was to pass onto you through my online course.

Grace amidst challenges: a 5-week online course to embrace your challenges from an open heart

The course begins on the 19th of October, with the opening of the Facebook group. I’ll make a poll among the participants to make the appointment for the online sessions (2h each).  During these 5 weeks, we will explore how to transform challenges into a healing process and navigate them with grace. The first 4 weeks are themed and the last one will be used to “wrap things up neatly” for you, bringing bespoke coaching and deepening aspects that will arise organically through the previous weeks.

This is not just any pre-written course, “Grace amidst challenges” will be woven as we go to fit you like a glove and answer your specific needs.

WEEK 1 : being CLEAR
Learn to deal with facts, not meaning and release the soul-wounds that cause you to attach heavy meaning to your circumstances. Read More


Learn to let your emotions free-flow and be your healers instead of being afraid to feel them.
Read More

WEEK 3 : being FLOWY

Cast a new light on your life, change your perspective so you can be free of the beliefs, grudges and victimhood that bog you down. BE the path of least resistance. Read More

WEEK 4 : being OPEN

Invite solutions instead of coercing them into existence, be the channel for guidance, solutions and decisions that emerge organically. Read More

WEEK 5 : free content week, bespoke coaching around your questions, needs and issues
We go deeper, tie up loose ends and address your specific needs

What is included in the course?

  • 4 ibooks, one for each week
  • 5 group live sessions of 2 hours each (via Zoom, Google Meet or a similar tool) to go deeper and give bespoke group coaching
  • 1 Facebook group for support, interaction and bonuses
  • You can reach me by FB message for personal questions and help
  • Clients who pay their course in full during the early bird period have two one-on-one personal coaching sessions included

What is the price?

Early bird till october the 1st: 444€

After the 1st of October: 555€

You can pay in two installments, one at registration and one the next month.

Bonus if you pay in full: two one-to-one coaching sessions, one before and one after the course. Value: 200€

When will the course take place, exactly ?

The first week of the course starts on the 19th of October. The last week finishes on the 22nd of November. We’ll choose a day of the week that is most convenient to make the online sessions.

What about the time of the live sessions? What if I can’t attend one?

Since I live in France, we will probably have some time difference, so I will ask each person in the group when they are available and we will do the session at the most convenient time. The sessions will be recorded, so, if you miss one, you can watch the replay.

How many of us will there be in the group?

5 persons maximum! It’s a very small, intimate group that enables you to feel safe and to go deeper. And I can take better care of you this way ;)

I’m from Quebec, do you also offer the course in French?

Absolutely! I’m French myself and I am offering this course in two langages, so there will be two distinct groups. Just tell me in which langage you want to join!

Testimonials from former students


    • I was very impressed by the way Elisa teaches her “students”, helping them to be comfortable and sharing her knowledge with great professionnalism in addition to a lot of kindness and empathy.

      Jaqueline GoffartStudent at my reiki classes


  • If you are thinking about hiring Elisa for a coaching session or for a course, don’t hesitate! Whether you want to use what you will learn with her in a personal or professional context, you won’t be disappointed and you will learn a lot about yourself and your own capacities. Working with Elisa is an experience I strongly recommend. Elisa, thank you again!

    Christina DuhautStudent at my reiki classes

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