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Personal coaching

Personal coaching

Are you having a feeling that you have reached a point in your life where you won’t be going any further unless you start fully being yourself?

You might have been choking for years on the great, unfulfilled need to stand proudly in your own shoes, not those of a made-up character that vaguely looks like you, or is a watered-down version of you.

This made-up individual (men are welcome, no worries, but I’ll be addressing you as a woman because most of my clients are) may look perfectly “successful” on the outside (we’ll talk more about “success”, and yes, the quotation marks are important). She may be a leader, she may have a job that she “rather likes”, she may “have it all” in terms of the outside life. But what is going on on the inside? Is there joy? Is there meaning?

It is likely that this watered-down version of you, whatever she “has”, however good she is “doing”, isn’t feeling very good about herself. It’s because a full life is built in this order: be, do, have. Not the other way around.
So, let’s have a look at this “tampered you”.

  • Have you settled for less than you desired? Have you tolerated people to treat you less than kindly, less than honourably? Have you put their needs (or that of your family) before yours because you thought otherwise they might just leave you (or that catastrophes would occur)? By the way, it works the the same way or a boss, a social status, a work position…
    If you now deeply want to honour yourself and interact primarily with people who value, appreciate or cherish your presence in their life, if you want to “put your own oxygen mask before helping any other passenger”, this coaching is for you!
  • Do you have a “successful” career, but it was chosen a bit by default, like “social rails” for your train? Do you feel something (and maybe a lot of things) are missing? Are you dreaming of a job that could be an expression of your unique personality? But the glitch in the system is… You have never paused to ask yourself who you are and what you desire.
    If you are ready to meet the woman underneath the suit, the job, the façade and tailor her a life that will really fit her like a glove, this coaching is for you!
  • You may know exactly who you are, but so far, it has FELT almost impossible to create the environment, the relationships, the life that would deeply fulfill you. There has been this inner knot, or barrier, this strange absence of energy and belief that tells you “You can’t. If you could, I would know how, and I don’t ». The question of the “how?” has taken you into head-trips. But now, you have had enough of being stuck.
    If you will not have another month flow by like sand in the hourglass and are ready to ease yourself onto a path of least resistance, this coaching is for you!

  • You are aware that you have been underestimating and undervaluing yourself (maybe all your life?) and you know it’s gnawing at you, stealing your joy, reducing your self-worth to a shadow and a whisper, restricting your possibilities, keeping you silent when you’d like to speak out and step forward. You are done with second-guessing yourself and thinking negatively about yourself. Oh, and professionally, you are really quite a bit annoyed that people do not seem to give you the respect, credit or even a salary that mirrors your level of expertise and commitment and you realize that taking your own space is absolutely key to elicit this kind of things?
    If you know you WILL find your voice  naturally when you are aware of your own worth, this coaching is for you!
  • You are very tired. You have coerced yourself, pushed yourself, pressured yourself to the point where you can almost do nothing serenely. Everything is a trial meant to prove something, match something, crush a goal. You know there must be another way to give birth to your desires.
    If you are ready to relinquish doership, align emotionally and energetically with where you are going and create from ease and grace, this coaching is for you!

In all areas of your life, professional and personal, your only compass needs to be you, your joy, your freedom.

… And an ineffable « something » that tingles at the tip of your fingers, a living glow that seems to inhabit everything that crosses your way. A wordless guidance like a strand of magic hanging in the air on your path to tell you « take another step yet, you’re fine ».

It may feel very hard to access this compass when you have followed the “social guidelines” for a long time and conformed to ideas, standards and expectations that never were yours. It’s a bit like wearing overly tight shoes : even a few minutes after you have taken them off, there are still marks on your feet, but they will go away with a bit of care, and I’m here to help you do it.

Also, when you have hardly ever felt worthy, valuable or enough, it may feel impossible to build a life that nurtures you and supports your aspirations, dreams and desires. Feelings of unworthiness are like a greedy fault in your bedrock that siphons your energy.

In this case, “being yourself” primarily equals to knowing how very worthy you are so you can become your best supporter, advocate and exhilarated cheerleader.

My coaching will enable you to:

  • Love, value and empower yourself. Feel comfortable with your value so you can shine, take your space, be at ease and voice your great desires!
  • Separate what is “yours” from what isn’t in your life. When you release all ideas, beliefs and habits that are misaligned or manufactured, there is such freedom to be had!
  • Take bold (and relaxed) action towards creating the life that you want, the professional project that sets your heart aflame. Speak your truth, set boundaries, confidently say “no” or “yes!” without fear of rocking the boat or asking too much.

  • Gain peaceful confidence and a sense of certainty, as a strong foundation that will support you in absolutely all areas of your life. When you stop second-guessing yourself or acting as if you were small and weak, you can relax into the certainty that you’ll be fine. And anything becomes possible.
  • Learn methods and tools to shift your emotions, clear, erase and clean negative patterns that hold you down, use your intuition, befriend your emotions instead of pushing them down (or being their slave). In a nutshell, gain robustness and autonomy as you become an artist at using your emotional, mental and energetic resources for your best interests.
  • Access a feeling of lightheartedness and joy. What makes my coaching really special is that it’s just a great time. It’s like a rich journey full of surprises, flower-meadows, good inns and storytelling by the fire (and a few epic battles with amazing soundtracks). All my clients say that they enjoyed the ride.

3 months 100% bespoke coaching program: what’s included

  • Two 2h sessions per months (6 in total, so it’s a rate of 75€ per hour). Just so you know, if we are finished with our session after 1:30h, you’re free to go, we’re not staying for the sake of it ;)
  • « High 5’s » in between sessions with bespoke exercises, book quotes, oracle card spreads and anything useful and cheerful to keep the momentum
  • Unlimited support via email, FB text chat, etc.
  • If you need an extra session/mini session/on-the-spot session because something burning-important is happening, no worries, I’ll make room for that. We’ll go with the flow and add some mojo.

Investment: 1050€ (if you pay in monthly installments), 900€ (if you choose to pay in full)

I can coach you if you are a client who:

  • Is deeply in touch with their inner life and emotions
  • Is articulate about what’s happening inside of them
  • Is ready to try new things and change their perspective
  • Is ready to leave the victim stance faaaaaar behind
  • Is prepared to invest in themselves, and who knows that it’s this investment that will take them where they want to be

These conditions are important since It’s unlikely I’ll be able to help you if you don’t have these traits.

If you are this client, book a free call with me, and we’ll see if we are a good match for each other. This gift-session is NOT a sale, you can receive it and walk away. 1:30 session via voicechat or videochat.