• Elisa is a compassionate and wise life coach. I felt seen and understood in the sessions with her. I also love her sense of humour which I believe to be important in the process of personal development. After every session she sent me a summary of our talk and ideas and homeworks to continue, which deepened the process of getting close to my goals. If you're looking for a kind-hearted and experienced Coach, I would recommend her fully!

    Nele Hoffmann Artist @nelesoulfulart
  • Elisa is a gold nugget. Or rather a gold mine of positivity, encouragement, good vibes, support and comprehension. I can't find words to express how her coaching resonated with me, how much good it did me and how it moved me. She's fantastic. My huge thanks to awesome badass Elisa!

    Juliette Roncelouve Jeweller and artist, founder of www.roncelouve.com/
  • I took a 3-month coaching program with Elisa as I wanted to tackle long time issues that were dragging me down and preventing me from opening up and fully enjoying my professional and personal lives. Elisa helped me to dig deep and successfully identify the beliefs that made me act in specific ways (and in some cases, that prevented me from acting at all). The program was pretty intense, with very specific, concrete exercises to practice in between sessions throughout the program. They gave us food for thoughts for the live coaching sessions with Elisa. By working like that I was able to get a better feel for what was a blocker for me and what was bringing me joy. At the end of the program, I could feel that I had already made a lot of progress in just 3 months, but also that I now had the tools to keep improving my life even after the program is over. I really enjoyed all the sessions with Elisa, who is a sweet, kind and dynamic person... She brought a lot of joy on many small issues that were initially looking pretty grim!

    Maël Founder of a French start-up
  • During the spring 2019, I had a difficult period of time and I didn't know where to find support. In a gardening shop near my town I found one of Elisa's business card an though "why not? Coaching for "different" people? that sounds good." I likes the concept a lot, it was a new experience, I felt totally at ease, I was able to lay the burden of my problems down and as if by magic, Elisa had the right word, right advice and always found solutions. She brough me a sense of trust in my future and my capacities to go forward. I thank her for the good times we had together! I won't forget them, they were pur happiness!

    Bariza A Coached for a career change
  • I am delighted my path crossed Elisa's, she's a little sunray! Our appointments, full of warmth and simplicity allowed me to playfully reprogram behaviors that were poisoning my daily life... The work we did together was completely different from a psychotherapy: at last I got pieces of advice that were relevant and conversations that were nice! They enabled me to remove the drama from situations I could finally laugh about. She gives practical homework that allowed me to quickly implement solutions that are simple. Elisa's sensitivity and enthusiasm are moving. At last a "real" person with her own doubts and a generosity that isn't faked !

    Anna Edery Medical doctor
  • Elisa never asked for a review but I felt compelled to write one because of how great my coaching session was. I came to Elisa with issues about self-doubt and past regrets. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you can relate! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but in a single session I managed to make a lot of progress. She presented me with some new tools and ways of thinking that helped elevate my own consciousness. Elisa also has a beautiful way of standing in her feminine while elevating you. I managed to feel nurtured, but also guided at the same time. There is never judgement only love. She was also very receptive to my needs and I never felt pressured to buy any additional services. By the end of the session I left feeling with a sense of renewed enthusiasm. Her energy uplifts and empowers you. Elisa is absolutely one of those healers with the spirit to serve.

    Natalie Rodriguez Account Manager
  • I reached Elisa following to a difficult moment in life. Thanks to her advice, I am better now and I approach my circumstances from a more stable stance. She is a lovely person, funny and kind. She takes all the time that's needed to listen and she sends the session's contents by email, which I appreciated. Thanks Elisa for all the work you've done !

    Sylviane Coached to start her new life after separation from her partner

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