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Reiki healing sessions

Reiki is a technique that requires several sessions, because we progressively remove blocks in your energy system so that your global energy level can increase until it is sufficient to unlock healing. Generally, five sessions close together in time are needed and this is why I offer packages.

  • Package of 5 1-hour sessions + 1 month of Reiki distance healing: 300€
  • Disovery 1:30h session: 100€

Reiki training courses

As a certified Reiki master, I teach all 4 degrees of Reiki and deliver certification.

  • 1st degree (two days): 210€
  • 2nd degree(two days): 290€
  • 3rd degree (two days): 400€
  • master’s degree certification (four days): 1700€

I offer Reiki sessions and Reiki  training courses (for all 4 degrees of Reiki) at your home if you live near Charenton, France.

« What’s the link between Reiki and personal development? » you may ask.

Well, Reiki is the n°1 tool that has created change for me. Reiki is the deepest holistic tool that I know, because it meets you where you need it and its effects are 100% tailored to your needs, physical, emotional, energetical, karmic… You name it! This energy is completely symbiotic to yours.

Rei-ki, in Japanese, means « divine/universal energy » because the founder of the discipline, Mikao Usui, was so astonished by the fact that the energy guides itself without any « work » on our part that -according to his buddhist and shintoïst Japanese culture- its properties appeared « divine ».

Me, I like to call it « universal », because it helps you be in tune with the Universe and your own nature. And that is SO important in personal development. I wouldn’t be the coach I am without Reiki.

Reiki clears your energy system from the blocks that create the unpleasant symptoms you exeperience in your daily life: chronic pain, anxiety, blocked emotions, attention disorders, fears… The principle of holistic healing is that the cause of our symptoms are never « in » the body. Why do we have insomnia or eczema or anxiety? We don’t know, but the cause can be accessed via our energy.

Reiki has ZERO negative side effect, can be used on everybody (including pregnant women and people with tumors, pacemakers or metal implants) and doesn’t require any « gift » from the practitioner. Everyone can also « give » Reiki. All it takes is a proper energetic attunement, given by a trained master who has received the proper attunements themselves. No need to be special, psychic or clairsentient.Read More

Please, note that Reiki is no replacement whatsoever for your medical doctor and that only them may prescribe you any kind of medicine or advise you to stop taking it. I am not a doctor and will not give you any medical advice. Reiki belongs to holistic techniques and is meant as an addition or supplement to allopathic medicine, not a replacement.

The effects of Reiki include (but are by no means limited to)

  • A better connexion to your authentic self
  • Development of your intuition
  • Physical healing and resilience
  • Emotional calm
  • Stress reduction
  • A better integration (the different aspects of your personality collaborate to support your well-being)
  • More self-worth
  • More energy
  • More confidence
  • Physical well-being (relaxation, pain reduction)
  • More joy!

I offer Reiki sessions and Reiki  training courses (for all 4 degrees of Reiki) at your home if you live near Charenton, France.