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Hi I'm Elisa

I'm a French, English-speaking holistic coach and my jam is seeing people express their true self with vulnerability and badassness.

Coaching is not just about becoming "better" at something. For me, coaching is about discovering who you are and patiently, consciously and courageously enabling your Self to emerge from the layers of social and emotional conditioning that keep it small and often unseen and unheard.

How many people can boast to really know themselves and empower themselves and be willing to grow, evolve and go deep?

My coaching is about exactly that : when we do the inner work, creating the outer life that will make us happy and fullfilled is easy. Everything flows from the inside out. Not the other way around...

If you want to know more about my own journey and how I can help you, follw my lead!

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Live a joy-driven life

It is my conviction that all the blocks we experience in our life stem from not being ourselves.

Either we are following guidelines that are not truly ours and that have come from culture, our education, our environment.

OR we are seeing the world through the distorted lens of our wounds, patterns and false beliefs that are also… NOT us either.

To navigate our life we need a compass. Let’s be honest, goals are great, but how often have they emanated from things that didn’t really belong to us, right? They stem from societal expectations:

  • Get married.
  • Lose this much weight.
  • Buy a house.
  • Have a job in the corporate world.

How many ideas present in our system are actually emanations of a cultural auto-pilot? You might be surprised once you start looking for them.

So the compass we need is something else entirely : it’s our JOY.

Where there is JOY, there is a free-flowing channel for everything good in life: peace, abundance, creativity, connection, love, you name it!

You have heard about the “path of least resistance”? That’s joy!

When you are on auto-pilot and acting on ideas that aren’t truly yours, you will always feel a tension, a constriction, in your body and in your emotions. Even success can feel unfulfilling or empty when it has been created from false motivations.

Whereas when you follow your JOY, you can never go wrong. Even challenges and ordeals can be embraced and you can get through them in a clear, focused and serene way when joy leads the way.

You probably have experienced it in your own life, in the face of hardship:

  • When it’s time to leave a relationship and you know you will survive the pain.

  • When you know you have to speak up for yourself in the midst of adversity.

  • When you need to let go of an addiction that is doing more harm than good.

That sense of inevitable guidance and clarity, focus and courage, the exhilaration that comes with the leap of faith. That’s JOY.

If you feel stuck, exhausted, lost, frustrated, sad, or full of anger with your life, chances are that you have followed a path that was “not yours”, and forgotten about where your joy resides. Chances are that no one told you that you are entitled to feel good, to feel joy, and to pursue your own goals according to it. The auto-pilot is a reeeeal joy-killer.

Following the flock, the trend, or our parent’s wishes is so promoted in our society that we don’t tend to honor our own independent interests, passions, or desires.

Sounds familiar?

Be not afraid, because the seed of joy never dies and even those of us that have lived many years without knowing our true selves can reunite with it. THEN we are able to create the life that brings us fulfillment and allows us to share our gifts with the world.

Let me be your catalyzer, teacher and guide in this adventure through Joy-Driven Coaching.


What my coaching changed for my clients

  • Elisa is a gold nugget. Or rather a gold mine of positivity, encouragement, good vibes, support and comprehension. I can't find words to express how her coaching resonated with me, how much good it did me and how it moved me. She's fantastic. My huge thanks to awesome badass Elisa!

    Juliette Roncelouve Jeweller and artist, founder of www.roncelouve.com/
  • Elisa is a compassionate and wise life coach. I felt seen and understood in the sessions with her. I also love her sense of humour which I believe to be important in the process of personal development. After every session she sent me a summary of our talk and ideas and homeworks to continue, which deepened the process of getting close to my goals. If you're looking for a kind-hearted and experienced Coach, I would recommend her fully!

    Nele Hoffmann Artist @nelesoulfulart

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